Infant Consumption

This is an attempt to create a complete Infant Consumption discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

1991 That'll Knock 'Em For Two (K7 Oska) Equal Rights Part II/Ning Ning/I Want Out/M:(OO)-EOW/Equal Rights For Fisch/At That Difficult Age/Jobless Oaf/The Cat From Outer Space/Famous Cats/Point One: Crucify The Cat Thief/Mew/Sell Out To Commercialism/Doing Something Useful With The Isle Of Wight/You Got Ketchup On My Ice Cream
1992 Fangs (K7 Oska) Monster/Cat Stevens/Things That Go Meow In The Night/Reinstate The Pharoahs/Well Done/Any News On Squidgy/Clutse/Paws Claws And Tails/50 Biscuits/Tricks/The Cats Meowers/Driver/Clean The Floor/Silver Cat Spoon




1992 VARIOUS ARTISTS 3d Halitosis - An Oska Non-Sampler (K7 Oska) Fischbowl Hereditary