Harry Cloud

This is an attempt to create a complete Harry Cloud discography.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

2012 Indian Pussy (CD Whiteworm) Reality Blockers/White Lightnin Sun/Tae's Watch/Helicopter/Coyote/Drowning/Green Goblins
2014 Red Barn (CD Whiteworm) dermatillomania/slumber/windas~~~~~~~/constant power/tooth nails/wOrmhole
2016 Harry Cloud's After School Special (CD Whiteworm) Graveyar Duncle/Let's Go Circles/Your Mom Is Dead/Gravel Pillow/Janie's Got A Gun/Away/Balloons
2018 HARRY CLOUD/PAUL ROESSLER Permadeath (LP Whiteworm) Reproductive/Ligament/Digestive/Muscular/Skeletal/Endocrine/Fluids/Nervous System
2019 Florida (K7 Almost Halloween Time Records) (Limited Edition of 50 copies with handmade handdrawn all different sleeves) Lost (the tv show)/Blue Eyes/Hey Good Lookin'/I am a Fox/Mr. Sparkle Pants (roads)/Chariot/Pain is a Mystery/Peter Rains/Shang hi
2020 The Pig And The Machine (2xLP Whiteworm) Fantasia/Momo Island/School/Pink Custard Pie/Brain/Asexual Bunnyrabbit/Sam I Am/Haunted Hayride/Bowser/Alien Eyes/Corsets And Crinoline/Look What You Made Me Do/Voorhees/The Pig And The Machine


2017 Sad Dead Bear (CDR Thee Epileptic Dragonfly) Native American Song/She Rapes/Stupid Mockingbird/Cooka Poo Poo Head



Other Stuff

2018 FANNYLAND It Only Gets Worse For Mr. Potoilethead (CD Whiteworm) I'm Going There/Step Child And wet Worm/Ok, I'll Touch It/Thoughts Are Hot/I'm Not Smart/Peanut Sized/Pork Chop Girl/Vampire State Building/Father's Day/The Painted Man/Haunts My Dreams