Greg Peterson

This is an attempt to create a complete Greg Peterson discography.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

1996 Better Than Completely Lost (K7 Mighty Feeble) Up We Go/Tennessee Feet/Taking The Candy Away/A Scary Statue/Pleasant Pain/Knock Knock/The Lantern's Face/Circular Panorama Of Electric Tower/Recitals/Another Afternoon/What You Will Do Is What You Have Done/Against The Wind/Red Light/Coats On/The Great, Wide World/Almost
1997 I Had Never Been Oursued By A Lion, And I Was Afraid (K7 Mighty Feeble)Tell The Truth/Schrek/Iced Over/Plan Bee/The Rock Misses The Target/Do You Know What You Just Said?/Neil Meets Senator/The Signal/Implied Friendship/Out Of Town
1997 Eighteen New Variations (K7 Mighty Feeble) Bare/Monophonic Ghost/Cartoon Politics/Midnight Summer Vacation/One For M. H./Orange Stilts #4/3 + 6 = 36/Kentucky/Have Fun, Don't Make It (Ten Cent Breakdown)/Song For My Friend/Life On The Road/Argue In Wax/Three Mud Pies/My Floppy Hat Medley/After Lunch/One For E. C./Let's Go To The Caves/For The Birds/Untitled/Untitled
1998 Where Is All The Fun (CD Mighty Feeble) The Music Is Going To Stop/Part 2/The Ghost Front/Calculated/Brunch Of The Supernatural/The Music Is Stopping/Arrivals/Cats Like Eating Mud/Part 9/One For Nervous Norus/Untitled/When Summer Days Are Ober/I Wish There Never Was A Gun Shot/Relax In The Style To Which You've Grown Accustomed/Small Experiments With No Value/Do I Live Here?/Part 17/All The Eyeas Teary/Croatan/One To Forget About/No Luck In Louisville/Part 22/Friends Of The Lake Monster/Part 24/Where We End Up/Collision/The Music Has Stopped
2004 Spring Waits Brightly (CDR Mighty Feeble) Snow In The Morning/Nostalgia Decay/Dust In The Corner/Reducing/Give The Shadows Flight/And Then What/Deeper In The Tears/Rain In The Afternoon/The Noble Aims/Mini-Series/Another Hug/Good Until Now Blues - Part II/Snow In The Bible/On Rarity
2009 Warm Covers For Winter (CD Greg Peterson) Moon River/I'll Be Here In The Morning/What You Will Do Is What You Have Done/The Ballad Of Mary Would/Time Marches On
2013 Postludes (K7 Greg Peterson) Postlude In C# Minor/Postlude In D Minor/Postlude In F Major/Postlude In The Key Of Lightning/Postlude In G Sharp Minor/Postlude In F Minor/Postlude In E Flat Major/Postlude In C Minor




2008 VARIOUS ARTISTS In The Morning Hours: Songs For Mark (CDR Mighty Feeble) MIKE AND GREG Mark Home (Mr. Tigg's Version)/GREG AND LIBBY Tyrone Powers/GREG, MIKE AND BEN Sex With Chastity/MIKE, LIBBY AND GREG I'm Taking You Home, Kathleen/MIKE AND GREG Mark Home (Switch Version)

Other Stuff

1996 MARK MORRIS Songs From The Microwave Background (K7 Mighty Feeble) (Mark Morris, Greg Peterson and Mike Hoff)Green, Green Lawns/Sort Of Literary/Bedtime/Bickle/Recalling Jezebel/Who Was There?/Kathy's Train/Are You Afraid Of Death?/All The Guitars/Mom's Cider/I Changed My Mind When I Saw The Sunglasses/Wednesday Is Almost Over
1998 FRIDAY THEN SATURDAY Friday Then Saturday (K7 Mighty Feeble) (Mark Morris and Greg Peterson) The Mighty Thought/Drips/But On The Second Night/Curve Up, Or Down/Dissolve And Reassemble/Prodigal Sons/Pillow Of A Heart/This Makes Me A Mummy/With The Sound Off/Another Years's Eve/We Can Play With It's Echo/Abby Likes Autumn, Etc/Tabletop Mountain/This Is The Song/How Near The End
2007 CREEPING CHARLY AND FRIENDS Goodbye, Creeping Charly (K7 Mighty Feeble) By The Heart's Mural/There