God Is My Co-Pilot

This is an attempt to create a complete God Is My Co-Pilot discography.
God Is My Co-Pilot are Craig Flanagin, Sharon Topper and Laura Cromwell.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

1992   I Am Not This Body (CD Les Disques Du Soleil Et De L'Acier) List/Angels In The Air/Heaven/Smooch/Thunder, Perfect Mind/Invisible Rocket/Kissing Frenzy/Grizzly Gizzard/Fierce Beast/2 Meats/Crushing A Girl/Said & Done/Out In The Streets/Lonesome Highway/Very Very/This Situation/Joan/God Knows/Truth Be Told/Adrenalin Jitters/Looken For A Fat Girl/Seashell/Liz Cohen Caught Looking/Theresa Says/You Up/Well/Animal Rights/Southwestern Jazz/The Day I Owned The Sky/To Yr Scattered Bodies Go/You Smell Like Sex/Tight & Low/Anthem/That's How I Like It
1992 Speed Yr. Trip (CD The Making Of Americasns/Les Disques Du Soleil Et De L'Acier)Little Ghosts/Down Down Baby/They Often Look Fr./In Too Deep/Angels In The Air/Lo Mas Sabrosa/No Cross No Crown/Anyone But You/Fat/C'Etait Une J. Fille/Home/Woman Enough/On Lust/Catheter/Drave/Late Last Night/Comfort/Zonnebloem/Ingdom Of The Flesh/Hair In Mouth/Poke/I Surrender Complete Control To Anne/Wipe That Smirk Off Yr Face/Got What/Brought Up Short/Scratch & Sniff
1993   Getting Out Of Boring Time, Biting Into Boring Pie (10" Quinnah)Starch & Chafe/Defer To Avert/Stop/Plaid Skirts-Well You Needn't/Ant Circus/Move The Moon/Sifter/2 Amis/Bicycle Girls/Use-Mention/Looks Like It Feels/Look In & You'll See Who I Wish To Love Me/Funeral Horse/Furbearing (Mammal Mambo)
1993   Straight Not (CD/LP Outpunk)Any #/Haul Away/My Earliest Memory/Fruta Si Cancer No/We Signify/Safety Fast/Girl In A Car Singing Along With The Radio/Don't Say My Name/Star Of The County Down/Pump Action/Absent Parent/She's So Butch/I Saw Helen's Tits/Mid-Air Refueling/A Little Game/Youth/Tierhelden/Drave/Don't Fuck/Both Ways/Tom Sawyer @ The Center Of The Earth/Lost/Mieluummin Onnellinen Kuin Kuuluisa/Someone's Always Telling You How To Behave/Well/Danny Boy
1993   Tight Like Fist: Live Recording (CD Knitting Factory Works) Angels In The Air/Handsome Molly/Eye Contact/Get It/Katrinan Lualu/Sun, Wind/Heavy Layer/Sound Of Wings/Crushing A Girl/Lead With Yr Chin/Bicycle Girls/Ot Azoi-Igneous Ejaculation/2 Meats Beat As 1/Miinan Laulu/Zonnebloem/Sleep Not/Tourschr.-How I Got Over/Role Model/Backstab/Lou Explains It/Oyfn Nil/Any #/Fierce Beast/I'm Not Gonna Lie/Smooch/Khad Gad Yo/Heaven/4 Steps/Pornography & Rape/Make You Feel/Home/Frauen U. Nichtfrauen/Farm Recording/Straight Not/That's How I Like It/Encore: Firecracker/Iko/Jailhouse/Can't Stop Now
1993 What Doctors Don't Tell You (K7 Shrimper)Heavier Air/Lullaby/Opened Wide/Then/Finnegans Wake/When Do I See The Lightning/Every Night/Close My Eyes/Walk The Cat/To Be Or Have Not/Mechant/Interlocking/Hey Mister/Girls Waiting/Porcupine Homily/Bludgeon/An Irish Airman Foresees His Death/Vanessa/Say The L Word/I Pulled Up To Park
1994   How To Be (CD The Making Of Americans)Carte Celeste/Madly They Did Ride/Turkischer/X-Yrs/Rubber Or Leather/Le 21 Janvier 1793/Take One/Scourge/Honest/Strange Things/Stella/Best Friends/3 Times Fast/Get In/Don't Go Crazy, Go To Sleep/Kittybait/Pornography & Rape/Zocher Eich Rakadnu Et Hahora/Pygmy Dream/Reading Dick/Le Corps Sans Merci/Honey Ant Song/You Are My Sunshine
1994   Mir Shlufn Nisht (CD Avant)Vot Vot Ja Niin Niin/Hora/Tanz Liz Cohane/Tuppasuita/Dayenu/Miyimalel/Double Dutch/Piramidn/!B'nai!/Like-Park/We Don't Sleep/Raktapisztoly/Miinan Laulu/Katrussya/Tantsukolena Fin/Nya Skor/Sissy Dog/Khad Gad Yo/Chhrla/Palmcore/Hatikvah/Mia Geht Nach Bodega/Oyfn Nil/Tantsukolena Yid
1994   Sex Is For Making Babies (CD Les Disques Du Soleil Et De L'acier) Tombstone/Runt Hunt/A Fly/In The Forest/Tsiftatelli/Interrogation/Sex Is For Making Babies/What A Goddess/High Plains/Wetting The Bed/Blue Yodel #21/(Fly) Tanja/Be Nice To Yr Parents/Mchant/Work Is Love/Runt/Start/About How I Hate The Boys/Then Phat/Kantele/Imaginary Friend/Sissy Dog/Little Red Moon/Fat Children
1995   Neko No Akubi: Nihon No Fi (CD The Making Of Americans) Neko No Akubi/U Doet Me Pijn/Mexican Parade/T For Texas/Sound Of Wings/Certain Snails/Steal Yr Girlfriend/Place On Ground. Light Fuse. Get Away./Pa Janvier/Compliance/Eyes Of Satan/Ethno Techno Squeako Skweeko/My Bicycle Gang/Smooth & Clean/Not No/Mambo No Sampo/Katrussja/Valse Du Chat/Fall Back/Crawdad Song
1995   Puss O2 (CD Dark Beloved Cloud & The Making Of Americans)Dance/Pocketful Of Sugar/Duck Duck Duck Goose/Coffee & Cake/Secrets/Chicken Reel/9 1-2 Out Of 10/Morton Gets The Urge/At Home/Did It/Slow Dismemberment/Pretty Spoiled/Numbness & Tingling/Careless Love/Quinie Q/Cool/Asoi!/Puss In Boots/Haiku A/...meanwhile.../Can't Be What I Am/Batgirl Gets A C-Section/Cunla/Musica Caliente/Smooth & Clean/Hallowed Ground/Sex Is For Making babies/Teenage Boyfriend/Jackie 60
1995   History Of Music: Volume 1, 1989-1991 (CD Meldac Corp) Handsome Molly/Submissive/Frauen U. Nichtfrauen/Can't Stop Now/Hey Churla/Sun, Wind/Childhood Daydreams Of Abduction And Mutilation/Thank You, Just Thank You/Kiss & Tell/I. Cream/Almost Not/I Hate My Friends/Suck On Some Ice/Eye Contact/Straight Not/Bicycle Girls/Sound Of Wings/4 Steps/I Pulled Up To Park/I Hate Girls/Iko/Better Get It In Yr Soul/If I Were Theresa/What's Natural/I Kill Kids/Suliko/How I Got Over/Backstab/Almost Not 2/Look Up/There's More Pretty Girls Than One/Madly They Did Ride/Hallowed Ground/Jackalope Hunting/Linear B/Refusal/Replicant/Rent; Rant/Pussybox/I'm Not The One/Well No Wonder/Cloudy Gonna Rain/Role Model
1996   History Of Music: Volume 2, 1991-1993 (CD Meldac Corp) Vot Vot Ja Niin Niin/Backstab/Loudmouth/Turk Blurt/Firecracker/My Earliest Memory/Cat Power-l Mee/How To Take A Picture/We Signify/55,151/1000 Lost Souls/Kendine Gel/La Vie D'un Vieux Garon/Getsatsket/Lead With Yr Chin/Jlalag/Niwa No Creap/Iko Iceland/Lost Highway/Lonesome Elliott/Double Zero/Anatomically Correct/Ich-Dich/Femme Thang/Convenient Fiction/2 Amis/Bicycle Girls/Use-Mention/Looks Like It Feels/Look In & You'll See/Funeral Horse/Satisfaction lectrique/La Douceur De Ma Vivre/Furbearing/Starch And Chafe/Defer To Avert/Stop/Plaid Skirts-Well You Needn't/Ant Circus/Move The Moon/Sifter/Asoi Tambien
1996   The Best Of God Is My Co-Pilot (CD Atavistic)Behave/Caught Looking/Hutzulka/Totally Wired/Queer Disco Anthem/Steal Yr Girlfriend/Kiss & Tell/Pillu Laulu/Flesh Made Word/Butch Flip/Mezinke Skip/Kendine Gel/Girl-Crazy Girl/Bjrkfruits/Childhood Daydreams Of Abduction And Mutilation/I. Cream/Backstab/Rubber Or Leather (Remix)/Laulu X/Thank You, Just Thank You/Queer Disco Anthem (Remix)/Behave (Remix)
1997   The Peel Sessions (CD Strange Fruit)Kiss & Tell/2 Meats/Boxstitch/Disco By Night/Katrussja/I Pulled Up To Park/U Doet Me Pijn/Boris/55,151/Moleskin/Quinie Q/Kurdish List Laulu/Code & Submit/I Love My Love With An F/Lead With Your Chin
1997   Children Can Be So Cruel (CD/10" Miguel)Three Times Fast/I Tanz Jo Net/Zonnebloem/Hai Cium Dong/Get In/Chat Valse/Grs och Granbarr/Je Suis Totally D'Accord
1997   Je Suis Trop Content - A Goddess Micropilot Tour (CD Dark Beloved Cloud) Abducted By Aliens/Leave You Alone/Eat The Machine/Pretty Spoiled/Akasts s Sr Csrdas/Love With An F/Laisse Tomber Les Filles/Chase Scene/Boxstitch/Je Suis Satisfait/Sabbatical/Hello Stranger/Belle/Por-De-Sol Sobre Guarda/Tarsjusz
1998   Get Busy (CD Atavistic)Menarche/Leave You Alone/Chase Scene/Far More Attractive/Monkeys/Domestic Partner/Kleines Eisstck/Lunch/Grs Och Granbarr/Shift & Flicker/I Can't Dance/Hutzulka/Nya Skor/Abducted By Aliens


1991   Songs Of Praise (7" The Making Of Americans) 4 Steps Down The Rd To Trouble/I Pulled Up To Park/Iko/Better Get It In Yr Soul
1991   Refused Medical Attention (7" The Making Of Americans) Refusal/Replicant/Rent Rant
1992   On A Wing And A Prayer (7" Funky Mushroom) Almost Not/I Hate My Friends/Pussybox/I'm Not The One/Well No Wonder
1992   Gender Is As Gender Does (7" Funky Mushroom) Handsome Molly/I Hate Girls/Sun, Wind/Submissive
1993   How I Got Over (7" Ajax) If I were Theresa/What's Natural/I Kill Kids/Suliko/How I Got Over/Backstab
1993   My Sinister Hidden Agenda (7" Blackout!/The Making of Americans) Straight Not/Eye Contact/Suck On Some Ice/Bicycle Girls/Sound Of Wings
1993   Pissing & Hooting (7" Seze/The Making of Americans) Ich Will Dich Essen/Femme Thang/Lost Highway/Lonesome Elliott
1993   Illusion Of Secrecy (7" Dark Beloved Cloud) Vot Vot Ja Niin Niin/We Signify
1993   When This You See Remember Me (7" Dark Beloved Cloud) Frauen U. Nichtfrauen/Can't Stop Now/Hey Churla/Jackalope Hunting/Linear B
1993   GOD IS MY CO-PILOT/FIFTH COLUMN Split (7" Outpunk) FIFTH COLUMN Don't/GOD IS MY CO-PILOT Probable Cause/Life Under Occupation/Held Down
1993   Ykt Flot! (7" ????) Iko Iceland/Jlalag
1994   More Pretty Girls Than One (7" flexi Hedonist) More Pretty Girls Than One
1994   Sharon Quite Fancies Jo (7" Soul Static Sound) Loudmouth!/55,151/Double Zero/1000 Lost Souls
1994   This Is No Time To Be Frail! (7" Rough Trade Singles Club) Childhood Dreams Of Abduction And Mutilation/Thank You, Just Thank You/Kiss & Tell/I. Cream
1994   Kittybait (7" Ajax) Turk Blurt/Firecracker/My Earliest Memory/Cat Power Love Song-l Mee
1994   GOD IS MY CO-PILOT/MELT BANANA Split (7" HG Fact) MELT BANANA Ketchup-Mess/First Defy/Iguana In Trouble/GOD IS MY CO-PILOT Butch Flip
1995 An Appeal To Reason (7" Runt) I'm Going To Steal Yr Girlfriend/Hutzulka/Kendine Gel/Backstab
1995   Ootka Sa Poika Vai Tytto? (7" Trash Can) Caught Looking/Flesh Made Word/Laulu X/Pillu Laulu
1995   GOD IS MY CO-PILOT/GAG Grow Your Own Country Wide Primary School Band (7" Guided Missile) GAG Instant Song Music/Party People/4-Way/GOD IS MY CO-PILOT Girl-Crazy Girl/Bjrkfruits
1998 GOD IS MY CO-PILOT/BZ BZ UEU Split EP (7" Music 'A La Coque) BZ BZ UEU Tan.geri/Portanuova/GOD IS MY CO-PILOT Sisu V'simchu/Sisu V'simchu


1993   VARIOUS ARTISTS They Came, They Played They Blocked The Driveway (2XCD WFMU)Zonnebloem/Le Corps Sans Merci
1993   VARIOUS ARTISTS Mudflower (????)Don't Fuck Who You Want To Be, Be Them/Mammoet
1993   VARIOUS ARTISTS Knitting Factory Fall/Winter 1993 Releases (CD Promo Knitting Factory Works)Tight Like Fist (Live Recording)
1994   VARIOUS ARTISTS A Far Cry (????) 
1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS Fantasy Band (A Shrimper Compilation) (7" Shrimper)Lead With Your Chin
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS Cosmic Slop (K7 Paperplane) Careless Love
1994   VARIOUS ARTISTS Rock Stars Kill (CD/LP+7" Kill Rock Stars) Anatomically Correct
1995   VARIOUS ARTISTS De La Viande Pour Le Disco? (K7 Banana Split) Satisfaction lectrique/La Douceur De Ma Vivre
1995   VARIOUS ARTISTS Lo-Fi - Electric Acoustic & Radical (CD Meldac) Madly They Old Ride
1995   VARIOUS ARTISTS Seek Refuge From Your Intolerable Situation (LP Garden Of Delights) How To Take A Picture
1996   VARIOUS ARTISTS State Of The Union (2xCD Atavistic) Role Model
1996   VARIOUS ARTISTS The Christmas Album (CD Sony Records) Marshmallow World
1999   VARIOUS ARTISTS Erase Yer Head No. 9 (7" Pandemonium)On Death
1999   VARIOUS ARTISTS Retrovirus- A Compilation (K7 Kylie Productions) You Are In It
2001   VARIOUS ARTISTS Sympathy For Count Pococurante Volume I (7" Dark Beloved Cloud) Der Frosch
2001 VARIOUS ARTISTS Dark Beloved Cloud Singing Catalogue (3" CD Dark Beloved Cloud) Iron Man
2002   VARIOUS ARTISTS Cantilever (CDS Dark Beloved Cloud)We Signify (Hrvatski Remix)
2003   VARIOUS ARTISTS What Would This Record Have Sounded Like If John Cale Had Had Some Setback And Cinzia La Fauci And Alberto Scotti Had Taken His Place (CD Snowdonia)No Fun
    VARIOUS ARTISTS Zealous Compilation (???)Cloudy Gonna Rain
    VARIOUS ARTISTS Lorena Bobbit For President (K7 ????) Almost Not 2
    VARIOUS ARTISTS Dumbcore Loop Up
    VARIOUS ARTISTS Destroy The Art Niwa No Creap/Getsatsket

Other Stuff

1992   JAD FAIR I Like It When You Smile (LP/CD Paperhouse) (Craig Flanagin plays guitar on "Surprise Party")Suprise Party
1992   GROWING UP SKIPPER Use Only As Directed (7" The Making of Americans) (Laura Cromwell plays drums)  
1993   THE HATTIFATTENERS Constantly On The Move With The Hattifatteners (7" Funky Mushroom)  
1993   THE HATTIFATTENERS Vogue Bambini (7" Dark Beloved Cloud) Bad Girl/Ala Mee/Dirt Rd @ Night/W S/Fuzzy Wuzzy
1993 JAD FAIR Gunfighter Ballads And Songs Of The Old West (7" Making Of Americans) (Craig Flanagin and Sharon Topper perform on this record) ...To Avoid Eye Contact. But It Was Already Too Late/Are You Wilson From El Paso? He Said. People Say You're Mighty Fast/Fast Enough To See You In Hell I Said, As I Fired 6 Shots From My Smoking Revolver/Why Won't They Let Me Be? I Screamed. Is Not The Time I Spent Planting The Seeds And Tilling The Earth Attonement For My Sins?/What Must I Do To Rectify The Mistakes I've Made In The Past? For Is Not A Mind That Is Pure And A Back That Is Strong Worth More Than A Hand That Is Swift?/I've Got A Bullet With Your Name On It, He Said. Take This You No Good, Lousy, Flea Bitten, Shiftless, Lying, Cheating, Bastard/He Was Fast, But Not Fast Enough/The Bullets Ripped Through Him Like Little Children Ripping Off The Wrapper Of A 25 Cent Candy Bar/I'll See You In Hell I Said As I Emptied One More Round Into His Filthy, Stinking, Mangy, Disease Ridden Corpse/Let This Be A Lesson To You. No Matter How Fast You Are There Is Always Someone Who Is A Little Bit Faster. A Gunfighter's Life Is Not A Happy One. It's Full Of Sorrow, Misery And Woe. Who Knows Why Fate Deals Us The Hand It Does? I Could Have Been A Doctor, Or A Lawyer, Or A Poet. For Better Or Worse I've Made My Choice. I'm A Gunfighter... And I'll See You In Hell
1993   BUGOUT SOCIETY Yo! Baby 'Sup (CD/LP Drunken Shaolin) (Sharon sings on the song "New Wave Girls" and Craig does the game show emcee monologue at the very beginning of the album)  
1994   VARIOUS ARTISTS Rock Stars Kill (CD/LP+7" Kill Rock Stars) THE HATTIFATTENERS North Pole
1995   VARIOUS ARTISTS Lo-Fi - Electric Acoustic & Radical (CD Meldac) THE HATTIFATTENERS Bad Girl
1995   JOHN ZORN'S COBRA Live At The Knitting Factory (CD Knitting Factory Works) (Craig Flanagin plays guitar and Sharon Topper sings on Acanthopis Antareticus) Acanthopis Antareticus
1996 BZ BZ UEU/NO Split (7" El Borracho/Music 'A La Coque) BZ BZ UEU Tuna Scooter/Bzung/Fiction Fiesta/NO First Song/Second Song