This is an attempt to create a complete Fuck discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

1994   Fuck (K7 Rhesus)Beauty Remains/Monkey Does His Thing/Last Thing/Crush A Butterfly/Golden Arm/Hide Face/Bone For The Baby/Shotgun (H)ours/Aviary
1996   Pretty... Slow (CD Walt/Rhesus/Esther)Wrongy Wrong/I Am Your King/Hide Face/In The Corner/From Heaven/One Eye Out The Door/Monkey Does His Thing/Pretty Pretty/Shotgun (H)ours
1996 Baby Loves A Funny Bunny (CD Walt/ Rhesus/Lamplighter)Boy Meets Girl/Swinger/Love Me 2/Flight Of The Mongeese/Tired/22 No/Nice Burg, Lettuce 1951/Talent, OR/Ballet High/Part Of Me/Rococo/Like You/Loosened Mind?/Crush A Butterfly/Whimper And Cry
1997   Pardon My French (CD Matador) Li'l Hilda/Fuck Motel/Le Serpent/Bestest Friends/Compromise/One Lb Of In/La Jolla/For Lori/Raggy Rag/Tether/Dirty Brunette/To My Gurl/Thoroughfare/Sometimes/Am I Losin'/Scribble Dibble
1998 Conduct (CD Matador)The Thing/Drinking Artist/Straddle/Monkey Doll/Italy/Stumble Inn/My Melting Snowman/Laundry Shop/Get over Him/Alice, All I Want Is Alice/Stupid Band/Never Comin' Back/Twist Off/Gimme Some/Stray/Gone/Blind Beauty
2001 Goldbricks (CD Homesleep)Diapers/Made Up Last Night/Beauty Remains/Flapper/Hide Face/Elysian Fields/Mighty Mouse, Sir/Blind Beauty/Situation/She's A Rainbow/Brazen/Last Thing/Ten Grains/Sweater/Bone For The Baby/Question Your Love/D+A/Golden Arm/Agent 389/Me So Horny/Dawnjii Poo/You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch/Somewhere's Else/Aviary/Like You (Video)/Monkey Doll (Video)
2001 Cupid's Cactus (CD Smells Like Records)Glass Charms/High/Someday Aisle/Dandelion Ditch/Melt/Panties Off/San Jacinto/Awright/It's Unbelievable/Never Alone/Flowers/Respond/How Do You Do, Mr Do/Oshun/Cobra Lullaby
2003   Those Are Not My Bongos (CD Homesleep)Motherfuckeroos/No Longer Whistler's Dream Date/Firing Squad/Jazz Idiodyssey/Her Plastic Acupuncture Foot/Vegas/Hulk Baby/A Conversation/A Vow/Hideout/Table/Olives Vs Cherries/Nowhen, Or "Now, Hen"/Good Eavnin'/How To Say/The Sandy Man's Name Is Not "Sandy"


1994   MonkeyBeautyShotgun (7" Rhesus) Monkey Does His Thing/Beauty Remains/Shotgun (H)ours
1995   LikeyouButterflySomewheres (7" Rhesus) Like You/Crush A Butterfly/Somewheres Else
1996 FUCK/FISH OR FRY Split (7" Academy Of Chess And Checkers) FUCK Elysian Fields/Last Think/FISH OR FRY Hair In All The Wrong Places/Barrels
1997   TetherFuckMotel (7" Jagjaguwar) Tether/Fuck Motel
1998   FUCK/TOCOTRONIC Split (7" Rhesus/L'Age D'Or)  
1998   FUCK/MOXIE Split (7" Rhesus/Panorama)  
1999 FUCK/YUPPIE FLU Split (7'' Rhesus/Home Audioworks) FUCK San Jacinto/YUPPIE FLU Sport Yer Feelings/1967
1999 Blind Beauty (7" Speakerphone Recordings) Blind Beauty/Made Up Last Night
1999 FUCK/MUMBLE AND PEG Split (7" Vaccination) FUCK Melt/MUMBLE AND PEG Rickety Ladder
2000   FUCK/PEE Split (7" Cool Beans!)  
2003 Homesleep Singles Club #4 (CDS Homesleep) Hideout (Remix)/Low Is Not Lois/Love Songs


1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS Topps All-Stars No. 2 Roberto Clemente (K7 20-20 Sound) Golden Arm
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS Follow The Bouncing Ball (CD Ba Da Bing!) One Eye Out The Door
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS Extra Walt! (2x7" Walt Records) Wrongy Wrong
1997 VARIOUS ARTISTS Exhibit A - Chronicling The Folk Music Of The Nineties (K7 H Records)  

10 Grains

2000   VARIOUS ARTISTS Darla 100 (4xCD Darla Records) Love Me Too
2001 VARIOUS ARTISTS Homesleephome˛ Cover Songs (CD Homesleep)Oops...I Did It Again
2001 VARIOUS ARTISTS Card Carrying Supporters Of Romance (CD Morc Tapes/Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club)22 No
2003 VARIOUS ARTISTS Everything Is Ending Here: A Tribute To Pavement (CD Homesleep)Heaven Is A Truck