Fresh & Onlys

This is an attempt to create a complete Fresh & Onlys discography.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

2009 Bomb Wombs (K7 Fuck It Tapes) Red Light, Green Light/Cloud Nine/Hated Or Loved/Plague Of Frogs/I'm A Thief/Second One To Know/Horrible Poor/Bomb Wombs/Don't You Be Half-Hearted/You Live Here (Why Am I Missing You?)
2009 Grey-Eyed Girls (CD/LP Woodsist) Black Coffin/Grey-Eyed Girl/No Second Guessing/What's His Shadow Still Doing Here/Invisible Forces/Dude's Got A Tender Heart/D.Y./Happy To Be Living/What Goes In Circles/I'm Gonna Be Your Elevator/Clowns (Took My Baby Away)/The Delusion Of Man
2009   The Fresh & Onlys (LP Castle Face) Feelings In My Heart/Fog Machine/Endless Love/I Saw Him/Imaginary Friends/Peacock And Wing/Nuclear Disaster/Only One I Want/Shattered Moon/On The Verge/Let's Hang/The Mind Is Happy/Love & Kindness/Arm's Advice


2009   I'll Tell You Everything & I Saw You Seeing Me (7" Dirty Knobby) I'll Tell You Everything/I Saw You Seeing Me/500 Snakes
2009   The Fresh & Onlys (7" Chuffed Records) Imaginary Friends/Come Dance With Me/Endless Love/Priceless
2010   Second One To Know (7" Woodsist) Second One To Know/Hated Or Loved


2009   VARIOUS ARTISTS Yeti Seven (CD Yeti Publishing) Be My Hooker
2010 VARIOUS ARTISTS Welcome Home/Diggin' The Universe (LP/K7 Woodsist) Heel.Toe.