This is an attempt to create a complete Doormouse discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

1994 Imaginary Girlfriend (K7 Catsup Plate)Slip/Jitter/We'll Write/Rays/With My Hands/Tomorrow It Will/Bad Luck, I Guess/Punk As Last Year's Cream/Build A Town/Oo Oo Oo/Just Because/Snap Dragon/God's Ground/As A Friend/A Dead Guy/You Can Call Me Wookie/Lynchburg




1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS Drowned In A Torrent Of Golden Grain (K7 Catsup Plate) Tarpools
2000 VARIOUS ARTISTS Evading The Devil's Darts (7" Catsup Plate)Maybe I'm Big In Europe