This is an attempt to create a complete Jim Bishop discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

?? The Alaska Tapes (K7 Amateur Anarchy) Shipwreck/Fish Killer/Tapped Out/Exile/My Court Of Law/Close The Drain/Juks & Ringo/Compared To What/Prince Pattinand/Aleutian Island Steeplechose/Ochanomizu Drop/First Family/Exile (Sliont Return)/Exile (Remix)/Ode To Selena
?? 4-Track Hecktrospective (K7 Amateur Anarchy) Wilkomen/What Fore/In Memory Of Bonnie O'Connor/Swaggering Monster Midget/Noble Friend/No Mas/My Dad Doesn't Suck/Movie Of U/All Decked Out/None Of That Jazz/Love Song As An Excuse To Use A Rhodes/Bacon Smelt Thru Fog/Lonely Wind/Exile/Shipwreck