Deluxx Folk Implosion

This is an attempt to create a complete Deluxx Folk Implosion discography.
Deluxx Folk Implosion are Lou Barlow, John Davis, Bob Fay and Mark Perretta.
See also Bob Fay, Sebadoh, Folk Implosion, Deluxx and Unconvinced.
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2016 Deluxx Folk Implosion (LP Witches Pickle Records) Clothespin Suicide/No Matter Who You Are/Oven Mitt/Greetings From Sarajevo/Reasons I'm In Prison/Cavalcade Of Death/Liquid Bread/Background Graveyard/Daddy Never Understood/Whole Hog/Better Than Alright/You Can't Win/Face Full/Last Song


1996 DELUXX FOLK IMPLOSION Daddy Never Understood (7" Domino) Daddy Never Understood/Greetings From Sarajevo/Daddy Never Understood (alt. version)/Ovenmitt/Liquid Bread


1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS Kids - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (LP/CD London) DELUXX FOLK IMPLOSION Daddy Never Understood
1996   VARIOUS ARTISTS CMJ New Music September - Volume 25 (CD London) DELUXX FOLK IMPLOSION Daddy Never Understood
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS School House Rock! Rocks (CD Lava Records/Atlantic) DELUXX FOLK IMPLOSION I'm Just A Bill
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS Safe And Sound - A Benefit In Response To The Brookline Clinic Violence (CD Mercury/Big Rig) DELUXX FOLK IMPLOSION U Can't Win
2003   VARIOUS ARTISTS Legally Blonde 2 (CD Curb Records) DELUXX FOLK IMPLOSION I'm Just A Bill

Other Stuff

1991   DELUXX Spinning On A Disk Of Shimmering Fire K7Eskimo Lover/O.C./Flannel Finger Foods/Painted My Teeth/New World Man/Dew It Again/Cupcake Fandangler/Shamrock.../Jazz Exploration #15/Wonder Boy/Ham And Cheese/Bleeding Heart's A Fun Thing/6-11/1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4/Snakes Of Rye/Marshmallow/Zoblowsky/Around Here?/Eskimo Lover/Dapper Snack/Ludo Clipperisp/6-11/Guacamole Phila./Heroes-Shadow Of Yr. Smile/I Got The Chicken/Smith 14 Try/6-11-Phila./Dew It Again/Ham And Cheese/Departure/Free Jazz U-Turn/Interstellar Driveover
1993 DELUXX Eskimo Lover (7" 18 Wheeler) Eskimo Lover/Marshmallow/What For?/6-11
1993 DELUXX Spreadable (7" Lissy's) Spreadable/Barn Taco/Pocket Watch
1996 DELUXX The Forgiveness Towel (CD Bolide Records)Caught Ya Fartin'/Ob-Noxious/Feel My Jacket/You Can See You And You - Up To The Toad/Reasons Of Why - Turn Me On Again/Taco Salad/Carl Sagant And Greg Allman/Hamsicle/Pantithicus/Loop K.C./Our Needs/Don't Be Unreasonable - Are You O.K./Reflight/Salmon Days
2000 DELUXX The Tidy Boy And The Crazy Bastard (LP 100% Breakfast!) Eat My Ten Cents/Taco Instead/Watch Out/Eat Your Mouth/Someting To See/The Tidy Boy/Blues Championship/Crazy Bastard Part I/Pace Maker & Jews Harp/Black Toad-White Toad/Forgot To Wipe/Take You To The Cleaners/I've Come To Rock
2000   VARIOUS ARTISTS Genre Non-Specific: 2000 Sample, Spring/Summer (2CD Surefire) DELUXX Blues Championship
2006   VARIOUS ARTISTS The Corwood Variations (CD Summersteps Handmade) DELUXX Painted My Teeth
2008 DELUXX Zwalnoski (CDR Blueberry Honey)Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/ Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled