David Fair

This is an attempt to create a complete David Fair discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

1996   JAD AND DAVID FAIR Best Friends (CD Vesuvius)Blessed By Angels/Love Train Wreck/Voodoo Master Says/Nancy Is An Angel-O/Howlin' Wolf/What Do You Want?/Face On The Ceiling/Everybody Loves The Tinklers/Strange Life/Every Night I Have The Dream/Godzilla Vs. Mecha-Godzilla/Incredible Journey 2000/It Really Doesn't Matter/They Were Shocked/Rage And Fire/That Love/Purgatory, At Least/Best Friend/A Club About Loving You/Someone Fell In Love/Perry Mason In The Way/King Kong/Band Like Me/Andy Griffith Show 2000/Hell Enough Alone/Rock & Roll R.I.P./The Tinklers Rule My World/Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Sue/1, 2, 3/Well, I'll Be John Brown
1998   JAD AND DAVID FAIR 26 Monster Songs For Children (Sing Your Babies To Slee (CD Kill Rock Stars) (Also on Ubik but it came out with a slightly different tittle "Sing Your Little Babies To Sleep". Abominable Snowman/Bigfoot/Creature/Dracula/E.T./Frankenstein/Godzilla/Headless Horseman/Invisible Man/Jabberwocky/King Kong/Lock Ness Monster/Mummy/Nosferatu/Ogre/Phantom/Queen Kong/Rodan/Sasquatch/Troll/Urchin/Vampire/Werewolf/The Man With The X-Ray Eyes/Yeti/Zombie
2002   DAVID FAIR David Fair (CD Blue Shot Seven Records) Better Day/We All Fall Down/Crazy/I Drive By Your House/Dreams Come True/Holding On The Reins/Run Fast/Cool/I Love You/Life Is Good/I Am Certain
2006   JAD AND DAVID FAIR Six Dozen Cookies (CD SPA/Essay Records) Grampa's New Shoes/100 Yellow Pencils/R. Sanders Anderson/Four Leaf Clover/Six Dozen Cookies/Big Deck Of Cards/Grampa Feeds The Birds/Lost Glasses/Grampa's Room/Presidential Pancakes/Card Games/Henry Penny/Peanut Museum/Grampa's Songs/Grampa's Books/Telephone Manners/Lost Wallet/Automatic Bird Feeder/Asleep In Grampa's Arms
2008   JAD AND DAVID FAIR Halloween Songs (CD Thick Syrup Records) Ghost Shout/Full Sized Candy Bars/New Babysitter/Breeze Is Full Of Spirits/Bride Of Frankenstein/Ghost House/Grave Mistake/Don't Answer The Door/Ghost Show/Zombie King/I Married A Vampire/Mary/Put The Pumpkin On The Table/Sitting With A Ghost/Snakes And Ladders/There's An Empty Grave Waiting/Trick Or Treat Country/Trick Or Treat/Wakened Dead Are Dancing/Witches Round A Cauldron/Robert Johnson
2009   I'll Be Moe (CD Thick Syrup Records)I'll Be Moe/The Bat/Shoes/Sugar Ray Plummets/Sharky Parker's Market/Responsibility/All-You-Can-Eat Pancake Breakfast/4-H Fair/Buried Treasure/Big Hole/Hardy Barton And The Tack/Counterfeit Marbles/Vice President/Halloween/Polished Steel Anchor/Budding Artist/Fire/The Present/Shanks Circus/Shepard's Mannequin Factory/Henry Penny Plummets/Snowballs/Show Business/Moe
2010   The Middle Man Soundtrack (CD Thick Syrup Records)What's? Up?, Henry?/Middle This/Because I Said So/Slow Burn/Light The Fuse/Trip Trouble/Face To Face To Face/Pressured/Clap Happy/May I Have This Trance?/Nosey Neighbors/Two Black Eyes/Lost In Place/Three Shadows/Spit Take/Where's Henry, Pete?/(The Lights Are On, But) Nobody's Home/(Way) Past Tense/You Ain't No Punk, Punk/Pasted/Kicked Goodnight/Where Do You Think You're Goin?/Smack In The Middle/Face To Face/Smack Talk At The Pool Hall/You Go First/22 Stitches And A Broken Rib/The Last Last Straw/I'll Flip You For It/Pinched/That Wasn't Me! Well, Well, Well


1995   JAD AND DAVID FAIR What Do You Want (7" Vesuvius) What Do You Want?/Idiot Wind/Strange Life/Voodoo Master


1988   VARIOUS ARTISTS Mondo Stereo (LP Tinnitus Records)JAD AND DAVID FAIR/DANIEL JOHNSTON Ashes On The Ground
1995   VARIOUS ARTISTS Lo-Fi - Electric Acoustic & Radical (CD Meldac) JAD & DAVID FAIR Blessed By Angels
2009   VARIOUS ARTISTS Fever Ray - RA.178 (MP3 Resident Advisor) JAD AND DAVID FAIR Nosferatu

Other Stuff

1982   XXOO How Will I Know (7" Press Records) (David Fair, Mark Jickling, John Dreyfuss and Jad Fair) How Will I Know/That's What They Say/Tracks Of My Tears
1985   THE TINKLERS WITH XXOO The Tinklers With XXOO (LP ????) (The Tinklers with John Dreyfuss, David Fair, Jad Fair and Mark Jickling) Black Dog Friendly Dog/Magazines/Splash Splash/Zone Fare/Don't Put your Finger In Yourself/Burpin Fungus People/Maybe/Casseroles/Luther League/Little League/Lois Lane/Lust For Life/If You Want Nice Kids/What It Wags/Simple Song Of Simple Faith/We're Not Alone/Splash Splash/Black Dog Friendly Dog/Patty Wood/Hokey Pokey/In A Jam In A Comet/The Whales Know/Mom Cooks Inside, Dad Cooks Outside/Mutations/Don't Put Your Finger In The Fan/Tough Guys/Turn The Screw On The Crank/Put Them Together It Makes You/My Eyes Look Into/Thinkin Too Much
1990 COO COO ROCKIN TIME Coo Coo Party Time (CD 50,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Watts) (David Fair, Mark Jickling, Chrales Brohawn, Rick Dreyfuss and John Dreyfuss) Coo Coo Rockin Time/Coo Coo Record Party Time/In Hawaii They Talk With Their Hands/No Big Deal/Jenny Got Naked At A Party In 1989/Spring Break Lucky Streak/Look Into My Eyes/Put Records Back In The Record Store/Rock Me Daddy-O/Too Much Fun/All Night Drive In Movie Party/Strip Poker Party Time/Oldsmobile Girl Magnet 88/Jenny Left A Record Album Locked In The Car In 1989/Plenty Of Room On The Radio/A Ride Called The Middle Of The Night/Spank The Bullies
1996 THE ABRAHAM LINCOLNS Standing By My Window (7" Making Of Americans) (Peter Fair, Jason Willett, Charles Brohawn, Rick Dreyfuss, David Fair, Steve Johnson, Atomic Bob, Mark Jickling and Jad Fair) Deathwatch/Grinning/Dumb/Blind Love/Deathwatch/Dumb
2001   THE TINKLERS WITH XXOO The Tinklers With XXOO (7" Music La Coque) (Jad Fair, David Fair, Chris Mason and Charles Brohawn)  
2010   COO COO PARTY TIME Seven Ways To Sunday (4xCD Thick Syrup Records)  
2010   NINE LIVES PUSSY Our Blues Parade: Let's Go! (CD Thick Syrup Records) (David Fair playing all instruments) Boom Boom/Night-Life Life/Front Porch-Back Porch/Jelly Roll/Ghost Walk Walking/Want You Feel Good/Raymond Miller/Swamp Thing/Poker Game Party Time/My Pencil/(Too Many) Bonnies And Clydes/Troll Party Party Time/Love In Vain/Kissing/High School Drama/Daughter Of Frankenstein/Please Warm My Weiner/Seven Minutes In Heaven/Shakes/Scuse Us