Das Ist Fisch

This is an attempt to create a complete Das Ist Fisch discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

1992 Deadpan Electronics (K7 Oska) Spore/Humbled/People Scaring/Tree Ring Excess/Edwards Only Hope/Being Poisoned-Legs/Half Hands Tied/Side Board Hoard/Learning To Share Voices/How To Establish Deadpan Electronics/Dome/Liquid Faith/Being Poisoned-Torso/Lie Detector/Jovian Probe
1993 Name That Tune (K7 Oska) Grizzle/Minimum Stress Ethic/Yrtolopelt/Try The End Of Friendss/That Isn't Got/Bigwig/We Seagirt/Baby Guillotine/Baxter/Hiatus Flush/Depressed About Dying/Coping Without Social Skills/Dumbduck Gadget
1993   No. Seven In The Scheme (K7 Oska) Alignment Defgh/Alignment Klm/Scheme 7/Second Hoard/Airpool/Part Unfixed
    Mnago Pigobar (K7 Oska)  
    Ropey (K7 Oska)  
    Relumix (K7 Oska)  
    Puffed (K7 Oska)  
    Owlanimy (K7 Chocolate Monk)  




1992 VARIOUS ARTISTS 3d Halitosis - An Oska Non-Sampler (K7 Oska) Equal Rights For Fisch (In Three Parts)