Daniel Johnston

This is an attempt to create a complete Daniel Johnston discography.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

1983 Lost Recordings (K7 Stress Records) Take A Little Walk/Before It's Too Late/Oh What A Wonderful Feeling/I'd Like To Say Goodbye/That's Silly/There Ain't Much You Can Do/I'm A Song/You Should Have Been My Wife/You Ruined It For Yourself/Once Upon A Dream/I Love You/Scattered Like Birds/More About Wicked Will/Good Luck/Got To Go On/It's Real/If You Were Here Today/Girlfriend/Void (Space For The Memories)/San And Lonely/I'm Nervous/Cosmic Kid/Never Die/Kiss Me Again/I Wish I Could Call You/Love Is Weird/Burn Baby Burn/No Fun/Art Peace/Instrumental
1983 Lost Recordings II (K7 Stress Records) All Around The World/You're Not laura (After You're Gone)/I'm Gonna Buy Me A Car/Out West/The Undertaker's Assistant/Dreams Come True/Mean To Me/Fly Me To The Moon/Love/How I Love That Organ Music/We Could Be Together Again/Happy Talk/The Miracle Of Love/Who Killed The Monkey/The Wedding/Unfinished Symphony/Blue Cloud/I Never Meant To Be Spooky/Dream Lover/What's A Matter With Me/If I Kissed You Once/I Give Up/Lonely Orphan On The Run/The Goat Show/You've Got A Funny Sense Of Humor/Last Song For You
1983 Yip! Jump Music (K7 Stress Records) Chord Organ Blues/The Beatles/Sorry Entertainer/Speeding Motorcycle/Casper The Friendly Ghost/Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Your Grievances/Danny Don't Rapp/Sweet Heart/King Kong/The Creature-3rd Chair/I Live For Love/Almost Got Hit By A Truck/Worried Shoes/Dead Lover's Twisted Heart/Rocket Ship/God/Love Defined/Museum Of Love/Rarely/I Remember Painfully
1983 Hi, How Are You? (K7 Stress Records) Poor You/Big Business Monkey/Walking The Cow/I Picture Myself With A Guitar/Despair Came Knocking/I Am A Baby (In My universe)/Nervous Love/I'll Never Marry/Get Yourself Together/Running Water/Desperate Man Blues/Hey Joe/She Called Pest Control/Keep Punching Joe/No More Pushing Joe Around
1984 Retired Boxer (K7 Stress Records) I'll Do Anything But Break Dance For Ya, Darling/Bye Bye Barbie/Fighting With Myself/Too Young To Die/This Song/Feels Good/Oh No/Strange Boy/True Love Will Find You In The End
1985 Respect (K7 Stress Records) No Love In Town/An Angel Cry/Have Respect/Dream/I Know What I Want/Merry-Go-Round/A Little Bit Of Soap/Lonliness/Good Morning You/Go/Fast Go/Car Crash/Just Like A Widow/Heartbreak Hotel/You Killed My Baby/You Are A Writer/Go Some More/Theme From Respect
1985 Continued Story (K7 Stress Records) It's Over/Aint No Woman Gonna Make A George Jones Outta Me/The Dead Dog Laughing In The Cloud/Funeral Home/Her Blues/I Saw Her Standing There/Ghost Of Our Love/Fly Eye/A Walk In The Wind/Dem Blues/Girls
1987 Songs Of Pain (K7 Stress Records) Grievances/A Little Story/Joy Without Pleasure/Never Relaxed/Brainwash/Pothead/Wicked World/Lazy/I Save Cigarette Butts/Like A Monkey In A Zoo/Wicked Will/An idiot's End/Wild West Virginia/Since I Lost My Tooth/Urge/Living Life/Tuna Ketchup/Premarital sex/Don't Act Nice/Hate Song
1987 The What Of Whom (K7 Stress Records) Man Obsessed/Peek-A-Boo/Never Before-Never Again/The Goldfish & The Frog/Scuttle-Butt/Heart, Mind & Soul/Blue Clouds/Surely You Don't Work All Night/I Can't Think Anymore/Excuse Me/Polka Dot rag/Why-Without You/An Incoherent Speech/Wicked World/To Go Home/Scrambled Eggs/Peace & Tranquillity/When You're Pretty
1988 More Songs Of Pain (K7 Stress Records) Phantom Of My Own Opera/Man At War/Only Missing You/More Dead Than Alive/I Will/Poptunes/You Put My Love Out The Door/You're Gonna Make It, Joe/Never Get To Heaven/Follow That Dream/Pow/For The Love Of Pete/Blue Cloud/Grievances Revisited/True Grief/My Baby Cares For The Dead/Mabel's Grievances
1988   The Christmas Tape (K7 Stress Records)  
1989 Don't Be Scared (K7 Stress Records) Going Down/Lost Without A Dame/Harley Man/Evening Stars/Cold Hard World/I Had A Dream/The Story Of An Artist/My Yoke Is Heavy/Stars On Parade/And You Love It/I Had Lost My Mind/The Sun Shines Down On Me/Loner/Don't Be Scared/Lullaby/I Was Alone/Mother Mom Said
1989 JAD FAIR AND DANIEL JOHNSTON It's Spooky (CD 50,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Watts Records) It's Spooky/Summer Time/I Met Roky Erickson/Happy Talk/Mcdonalds On The Brain/I Did Acid With Caroline/If I'd Only Known/Tongues Wag In This Town/Tomorrow Never Knows/Oh Honey/A Vow Of Love/When Love Calls/Frankenstein Vs. The World/Hands Of Love/Kicking The Dog/What I've Seen/Something's Got A Hold On Me/Villian/Chords Of Fame/Ostrich/Casper The Friendly Ghost/First Day At Work/Fan And Games/Nothing Left/Memphis Tennessee
1990 1990 (CD Instinct Records) Devil Town/Spirit World Rising/Held the Hand/Lord Give Me Hope/Some Things Last a Long Time/Tears Stupid Tears/Don't Play Cards With Satan/True Love Will Find You in the End/Got to Get You into My Life/Careless Soul/Funeral Home/Softly and Tenderly
1991 Artistic Vice (CD Instinct Records) My Life Is Starting Over/Honey I Sure Miss You/I Feel So High/A Ghostly Story/Tell Me Now/Easy Listening/I Know Caspar/The Startling Facts/Hoping/It's Got To Be Good/Happy Soul/The Dream Is Over/Love Of My Life/I Killed The Monster/Laurie/Fate Will Get Done
1991 Live At SXSW (K7 Stress Records) Silly Love/Running Water/Casper/Do You Really Love Me/Worried Shoes/Do You Really Love Me/Silly Love/A Lonely Song/Love Wheel/Museum Of Love
1993   JAD FAIR AND DANIEL JOHNSTON It's Spooky (CD Paperhouse) (Reissue of the 50,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Watts Records album. 6 bonus tracks) It's Spooky/Summer Time/I Met Roky Erickson/Happy Talk/Mcdonalds On The Brain/I Did Acid With Caroline/If I'd Only Known/Tongues Wag In This Town/Tomorrow Never Knows/Oh Honey/A Vow Of Love/When Love Calls/Frankenstein Vs. The World/Hands Of Love/Kicking The Dog/What I've Seen/Something's Got A Hold On Me/Villian/Chords Of Fame/Ostrich/Casper The Friendly Ghost/First Day At Work/Fan And Games/Nothing Left/Memphis Tennessee/Come Back/Tears Stupid Tears/The Making Of The Album/Get Yourself Together/What The World Needs Now/Sweet Loafed
1994 Fun (CD Atlantic) Love Wheel/Life In Vain/Crazy Love/Catie/Happy Time/Mind Contorted/Jelly Beans/Foxy Girl/Sad Sac + Tarzan/Psycho Nightmare/Silly Love/Circus Man/Love Will See You Through/Lousy Weekend/Delusion + Confusion/When I Met You/My Little Girl/Rock 'N' Roll-Ega
1998 Frankenstein Love (K7 Stress Records) Mind Contorted/Life In Vain/A Lonely Song/Love Will See You through/Happy Time/Come To Me Tonight/Love Wheel/Running Water/Casper The Friendly Ghost/Casper The Holy Ghost/Frankenstein Love/I Had A Dream/Crazy Love/Hey Joe/Walking The Cow/Laurie/Honey I Sure Miss You/Memphis/Rock & Roll-EGA/I Will Be Free/True Love Will Find You In The End/Foxy Girl
1999 Rejected Unknown (CD Pickled Egg Records) Impossible Love/Funeral Girl/Dream Scream/Love Forever/Cathy Cline/Davinare/Party/Spook/Girl of My Dreams/Billions Rock/Thrill/Favorite Darling Girl/Some Time Spent in Heaven/Wedding Ring Bells Blues/I Lose
2003 Fear For Yourself (CD Sketchbook) Now/Syrup of Tears/Mountain Top/Love Enchanted/Must/Fish/Power of Love/Forever Your Love/Love Not Dead/You Hurt Me/Wish/Living It for the Moment




1988   VARIOUS ARTISTS Mondo Stereo (LP Tinnitus Records)JAD AND DAVID FAIR/DANIEL JOHNSTON Ashes On The Ground
1993   VARIOUS ARTISTS They Came, They Played They Blocked The Driveway (2XCD WFMU)I Killed The Monster
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS Kids - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (LP/CD London) Casper/Casper The Friendly Ghost
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS School House Rock! Rocks (CD Lava Records/Atlantic) Unpack Your Adjectives
2004 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Late Great Daniel Johnston: Discovered Covered (2xCD Gammon Records) TEENAGE FANCLUB WITH JAD FAIR My Life Is Starting Over Again/CLEM SNIDE Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Your Grievience/GORDON GANO Impossible Love/EELS Living Life/T.V. ON THE RADIO Walking The Cow/THE RABBIT Good Morning You/CALVIN JOHNSTON Sorry Entertainer/BRIGHT EYES Devil Town/DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE Dream Scream/BECK True Love Will Find You In The End/SPARKLEHORSE WITH THE FLAMING LIPS Go/MERCURY REV Blue Clouds/THISTLE Love Not Dead/VIC CHESNUTT Like A Monkey In The Zoo/STARLIGHT MINTS Dead Lovers Twisted Heart/M. WARD Story Of An Artist/GUSTER The Sun Shines Down On Me /TOM WAITS King Kong/DANIEL JOHNSTON My Life Is Starting Over Again/Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Your Grievience/Impossible Love/Living Life/Walking The Cow/Good Morning You/Sorry Entertainer/Devil Town/Dream Scream/True Love Will Find You In The End/Go/Blue Clouds/Love Not Dead/Like A Monkey In The Zoo/Dead Lovers Twisted Heart/Story Of An Artist/The Sun Shines Down On Me/King Kong/Rock This Town/Rock This Town (Video)
2006   VARIOUS ARTISTS Rare Trax Vol. 47 - Another Time Another Planet - A Journey Into A Far-Out Sound (CD Rolling Stone)JAD FAIR AND DANIEL JOHNSTON I Met Roky Erickson
2007   VARIOUS ARTISTS Sidewalk Songs & City Stories - New Urban Folk (CD Trikont)JAD FAIR AND DANIEL JOHNSTON Frankenstein Conquers The World

Other Stuff

2001   THE LUCKY SPERMS Somewhat Humorous (CD Jagjaguwar) (Daniel Johnston and Jad Fair) Movie/Yes, We Can/She Starts Fire/Cow At The Sacrifice/Yellow Buttons/Michelle/Ruby Tuesday/Loony Take Me Home/Stale Spaghetti/Lost/Grey/All The While/Screw/Pancakes Flop/Undying Love/Easter Bunny/Death/Coffee Cup/Melody/Berserk
2006   VARIOUS ARTISTS I Killed The Monster - 21 Artists Performing The Songs Of Daniel Johnston (CD Second-Shimmy) DOT ALLISON Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Your Grievances/DANIEL SMITH & SUFJAN STEVENS Worried Shoes/JOY ZIPPER Held The Hand/KRAMER Bloody Rainbow/R. STEVIE MOORE Cathy Cline/KIMYA DAWSON Follow That Dream/LUMBEROB Honey I Sure Miss You/JAD FAIR & KRAMER True Love Will Find You In The End/ROPE, INC Tears Stupid Tears/THE ELECTRIC GHOSTS Blue Skies Will Haunt You From Now On/CHRIS HARFORD Going Down/MAD FRANCIS Rowboat/JEFFREY LEWIS The Adventures Of God As A Young Boy/MAJOR MATT MASON USA Mind Contorted/TOBY GOODSHANK Now/THE DICK PANTHERS Go Fast And Go Some More/THE SUTCLIFFE'S Foxy Girl/KICKSTAND Cosmic Kid/EMILY ZUZIK Love Wheel/MIKE WATT Walking The Cow/TESS It's Over