Cloud Nothings

This is an attempt to create a complete Cloud Nothings discography.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

2009 Turning On (K7/CD Bridgetown Records) Can't Stay Awake/Old Street/You Are Opening/Turning On/Hey Cool Kid/Water Turns Back/Whaddya Wanna Know/Real Thing
2010 KEVIN GREENSPON/CLOUD NOTHINGS Split (CD Bridgetown Records) KEVIN GREENSPON Post-Life/Carpool Pepsi/No Ghosts/Open Book/Growing Up/CLOUD NOTHINGS Underwater We Make Friends/You're Not That Good At Anything/Skeleton In The Basement/Dead Girl/I Apologize
2010   CLOUD NOTHINGS/CAMPFIRES Split (K7 Bathetic Records) CLOUD NOTHINGS Get On Board/Ohh You/Little Raygun/I Am Rooftop/CAMPFIRES Psychic Weapons/Magic Carpet/Kite Spills/Ruby Daggers/Yellow, Black, Red, Brown
2011   Cloud Nothings (LP/CD Carpark/Wichita) Understand At All/Not Important/Should Have /Forget You All The Time/Nothing's Wrong/Heartbeat/Rock/You're Not That Good At Anything/Been Through/On The Radio/All The Time


2010   Hey Cool Kid (7" Wichita) Hey Cool Kid/Old Street
2010   Morgan (7" Group Tightener) Morgan/Another Man
2010 Leave You Forever (7" True Panther Sounds) Leave You Forever/Talk To Me/Weird Son/You Were Scared
2010 Didn't You (7" Old Flame Records) Didn't You/Even If It Worked Out
2011   TORO Y MOI/CLOUD NOTHINGS Split (7" Carpark Records) TORO Y MOI I Will Talk To You/CLOUD NOTHINGS For No Reason
2011 Should Have (7" Wichita/Carpark Records) Should Have/I Know (You're All Done With Me)


2010   VARIOUS ARTISTS Various Deficiencies Vol. 1 (K7 Blackburn Recordings) Leave You Forever
2010   VARIOUS ARTISTS WGWB & Friends. Volume 2 (K7 Wonder Beard Tapes) I Am Rooftop