Cat's Miaow

This is an attempt to create a complete Cat's Miaow discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

1992   Little Baby Sourpuss (K7 Toytown)Nothing New (Version 1)/Climb My Stairs (Version 1)/I Really Don't Know (Version 1)/You Trip Me Up/Georgie/Memphis'54/Autumn (Version 1)/Sunday/Cheek/Walk On By/Wimp Out
1992   Pet Sounds (K7 Toytown)Third Floor Fire Escape View (Version 1)/You Left A Note On The Table (Version 1)/I Hate Myself More Than You Do (Version 1)/Icecream/Saviour For The Hurrying Man/Shortsighted (Version 1)/Indian Summer/Talking To Trees
1993   From My Window (K7 Toytown)Aurora/A Day In The Life/It Might Never Happen/Nothing's Ever Quite That Simple/Brighter Star/The Phoebe I Know/Little And Small/From My Window/Get Over It/Tangle My Shoes/Sleepyhead/A 50's Ballad/Dust From A Memory/Neu Monotonic Fm/The Street Where You Live/A Few Words




1993 VARIOUS ARTISTS Empire State (K7 Toytown) Can't See The Point
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Long Secret - A Harriet Records Compilation (CD Harriet Records) The Phoebe I Know
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS McBain (K7 Runaway Ballon) Light The Beacon (Live)/3rd Floor Fire Escape View (Live)
1997   VARIOUS ARTISTS Dreamboat (CD Cassiel) Do You Think It's Going To Snow?
1997 VARIOUS ARTISTS Exhibit B (K7 H Records)* Firefly