Blown Gyro

This is an attempt to create a complete Blown Gyro discography.
See also Charlie Mcalister, Head Injuries and Piano Reeves.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

1987 Bean King Wheelie Spectrum (K7 Flannel Banjo/Freakshow) Pan Rat Boy Of The Forrest/Nodule Specie Ignius/Emergency Stamp/Electric Gas Clog/Hammer Bra In/Specto Theatre/Cells/Robot Girl/Baby Farm/Vines-Abrasives II/Route X
  Operation Mindfuck (K7 Flannel Banjo) Launch To Nowhere/Channels/Beezer's Cellar/Robot Girl/Nodul Specie Igni/Emergency Stomp/Electric Glas Clog/In The Temple/Oyster Dream/The Big One/Hammer brain/Specto Theatre/Spattered Face/Sphinx
1988 Fire Ant Mound (K7 Freakshow Tapes/Flannel Banjo) Oyster Dream/Chicken Bones/Bushes On Fire/Chewing Dolls/In The Temple/Spaceship Campfire/The Big One/Glove/Good Morning Dave
1988 Screamin TV Genie (K7 Freakshow Tapes) (Charlie Mcalister: drums vocals synthesizers bass guitar acustic guitar and tapes) RA Spectro Micron/Beezer's Cellar/Spattered Face/Sphinx/Twitching Spider Woman/Rodons Resistor/Escape/New Guinea
  Mystery Of The Gourd (3xK7 Spew Geyser)