Big Breakfast

This is an attempt to create a complete Big Breakfast discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

1998 BIG BREAKFAST VS FALCON EDDY The World Series Of Love (K7 Self Released) BIG BREAKFAST El Slobbo De Mosso (Live On KSPC, 11-18-95)/Car Moosey (KSPC)/Taco Sauce (Live At The Motley, 12-4-94)/Blue Blocker (Live At The Blackwatch Pub, 12-19-97)/Fourteen Days (Live At The Mayfair Lounge, 8-10-97)/Tapp (KSPC)/Bop Snob (Live At The Haven, 4-5-97)/Love Theme From "Point Break" /Contra-Very/FALCON EDDY Premature Cheese Pt. II/Jimmy Clark Huffa (F. E. Theme Song)/Seventh Day/Van Without Windows/Totally Totalled
1999 Why Do You Touch Thins That Aren't Yours? (CD Shrimper)Blue Blocker/Primordial Maracas/Googlephonics/Family Death Scrapbook/El Slobbo De Mosso/Blue Lake Swim Club/Continuation High School Love Affair/Bop Snob/J-Curve/Reignbough/Jr. High School Love Affair/Spanksgiving/Whack Henry


  Sin, Limpia (K7 Shrimper)Sin, Limpia/Primordial Maracas/Valley


1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS Childhood Friends: Jaboni Youth #4 Companion Compilation Cassette (K7 Brassland) Primordial Maracas
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS Hide & Go Seek (K7 Cactus Gum) Silent For No Reason