Bacuum Car

This is an attempt to create a complete Bacuum Car discography.
Bacuum Car is
Takayoshi Kitajima.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

1995 BACUUM CAR/SUKORA Split (K7 E.F. Tapes) BACUUM CAR Untitled/SUKORA Untitled
    Bacuum Car (K7 C.A.K.)Spy Eater/God Nipple/You Are Blue Film/Soft/Eat Your Spy/Brazil Anarchist/Son Of A Mom/B.B
    Sweet Little You (K7 C.A.K.) 


    I Start Sucking (K7 Self Released) 
  Wild Wild Bacuum (K7 Shrimper)So Go/Nuke/Ta/Half Oza/645/Poshi/4 K-1



Other Stuff

1994   SUKORA We Want You (K7 Self Released) 
1994   SUKORA Pickles Pie (K7 Self Released) 
1995   BACUUM CAR/SUKORA Split (K7 E.F. Tapes) 
1996   SUKORA Feel (K7 Spite)