Azalia Snail

This is an attempt to create a complete Azalia Snail discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

1990   Snailbait (CD/LP/K7 Albertine)Azalia Bloom #16/Another Slave Labour Day/Nothing & Everywhere/Flight #520/Loveless Land/Your Loss For My Gain/Hiss & Crackle/Anywhere Is Here/If I Had It All, I'd Give It All To You/Driftless/Sun In Your Face/Baby Brother/Far & Away/So Much More To Go
1992 The Teenage Bedroom Tapes 1987 - 1991 (K7 Union Pole)The River Mortis/Deep Trouble/The Nothing Dawned/Departurer/Never Knew A Hi Could Be So Scary/Won't Be Here Again/A Kashmir Cloud/Then Again/Strawberry Sunday/0ld Toys/Coming In For The Landing/Mating Seasoning/Teenage Bedroom
1992   Burnt Sienna (CD/LP Funky Mushroom) St. Nowhere/Keep Me Warmer/C-o '66/Worldwind Series/The Amulet/Hard To Say/Hit By A Car/The Suspect I/They Are Like The Sea/Farther Away/Armoured Guard/Chinese Horse Torture/Sienna Burning
1993 Fumarole Rising (CD Catapult)Into Yr. World/Cast Away (The Saga Of Jeannie Berlin)/Please Don't Come (Here)/You Belong To You/Misfortunately/Sour Cherry/Hidden Addendum/Having An Experience/Cuckoo Clock/The Deep Feel Need/Solace Nemesis/Dilemna Nation/Fumarole-Fumarole Rising
1995   Escape Maker (LP Garden Of Delights)Escape Maker/Baby Apricot/Persuation/Fetter Intrigue/Briefly/Slow Propulsion/Affair At Styles/Lost Prize/To Last/Hit Of The Day/Go Ahead & Ask/Hero Gold/Reflect Or Die
1995   Blue Danube (CD Normal)Blue Danube/King Of Everything/Baby Apricot/Illusory Hangout/Slow Propulsion/Song At Siesta Time/Escape Maker/Vitriolic Feeling/Unaligned Sky/Poison Decree/Persuasion/Evidence/The Adult Sea
1996   Deep Motif (CD/LP Candy Floss) Aero Sets Me Free/Headstart/Key Witness/Stoked Like A Furnace/Circumspection/Baby Apricot/Lost Prize/To Last/Satellite Of Love/The Supposing Song/Highway Devices
1997 Breaker Mortar (CD Dark Beloved Clouds)Getting Lei'd/Servant of Smoke/Consult the Map/Savara Veneto/In a Moon Suit/Ginger Ale/Gilt Vatrine/Storm Corff/Static Quo/Gathering Harbingers/Defeo's Death by Rose/I Hold It Close/Are You Going To?/Perhaps/Having an Experiment-I Am Not a Guard/Taking Over/Snail-Made Men/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled
1998   Cooling System (LP Prescription)The Announcement/How Sublyme The Tyme/Traffic Ale/Next Please/Who Razed The Spy?/Alien Ease/Lite Crate/The 2nd Announcement/Soul Clap/Layton Hollow/Purr In A Gyre/Morrow Bay/Bathing In Space/It Grows On You
1999 Soft Bloom (CD Dark Beloved Clouds)Purr In A Gyre/Layton Hollow/Morrow Bay/Broken Toy/Who Razed The Spy?/Alien Ease/Low Coast Move/Bathing In Space/How Sublyme The Tyme/It Grows On You/Soul Clap/Savior/Lite Crate
2001 Brazen Arrows (CD Dark Beloved Clouds)Let Me Enslave You/Fall All The Way/If He Wins/Brazen Arrow/Usher My Presume/Making It/A Heavy Leaf Falls Silent/Cushions/The Arraignment/The Sain't Ain't/Unknown/Gilded Carousel
2006   Avec Amour (CD True Classical) 
2008   Petal Metal (CD Powertool) 


1990   Another Slave Labor Day (7" Albertine) Another Slave Labor Day/Baby Brother/Savoirfairian Frog Call
1991 SEBADOH/AZALIA SNAIL Split (7" Dark Beloved Cloud) SEBADOH Toledo/Nice Day - Loma Prieta/Pete/AZALIA SNAIL St. Nowhere/U.M.O.
1993   Into Your World (7" Prospective) Into Your World/Warm Front
1994   Fiery Skies (7" Dark Beloved Cloud) Fiery Sky/Bursting Star/Plush Design/Infiltration (Edit)/Recoverie
1994   Highway Sessions (7" Garden Of Delights) Highway Vice/Highway Devices/DJ Cream O'Wheat Mix
1994   Savannah (7" Candy Floss) Savannah/Eviction
1996   Stalking The Stallion (7" Sonic Squid) Aero Sets Me Free/Avec Ne Rien/Remote Horizon/The Magician
1996   Staying Inside (7" Sub Pop) Staying Inside/The Supposing Song


1992 VARIOUS ARTISTS Everybody Knows This Is (UP13) Nowhere (Vol. 1) (K7 Union Pole)PAN-AM I Love Refrigerator/CALLOUS Kung-Fu/AZALIA SNAIL Azvealia/LESLI-O Vitamin C/MATTHEW HATTIE HEIN & WHAM-O Capital/FROGGER Oh David/IRVING KLAW TRIO Love = ↑/KARP Flour Puss (Live)/ACTION PUSSY Last Day
1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS A Bottle Of Gallo: Highlights Of Union Pole Fest - 1994 (K7 Union Pole)Untitled
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS Fast Forward #2 (2CD Brinkman Records) Highway Vice
1995   VARIOUS ARTISTS Seek Refuge From Your Intolerable Situation (LP Garden Of Delights) Yes I Can
2001 VARIOUS ARTISTS Dark Beloved Cloud Singing Catalogue (3" CD Dark Beloved Cloud) Own The Island
2001 VARIOUS ARTISTS Gold Kiss Gala: I'll Wed You (CD Dark Beloved Cloud) Expecting To Fly
2003   VARIOUS ARTISTS Neon Meate Dream Of A Octafish: A Tribute To Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band (CD Animal World Recordings) Abba Zabba
2005   VARIOUS ARTISTS Like A Rug In A Lake (CD Freedom From) Untitled
  VARIOUS ARTISTS We Are Not Alone - Songs For The Lo-Fi Generation (K7 Best Kept Secret)The Saint Ain't

Other Stuff

1994   HAIL/SNAIL How To Live With A Tiger (CD/LP Funky Mushroom) (Azalia Snail and Susanne Lewis) Tigerture/Savannah/Firewheel/Retribution/Shoe-Shoe Missing/Little People In The Forest/Shazam/Hot Ice/Dust Gather On Me/Whirly-Bird/Frosted Flakes
1996   VOLUME Stampone (CD Choke) (Azalia Snail, Daniel Oxenberg, Kevin Branstetter, Kevin Cascell, Kirk Branstetter) Acknowledgements/Ardently Wishing/Seedy Presence Revealed/Bionic Hemisphere/The Lure Anglers/Virtuous Caucus/Polemical Ties/Reclusive Bedsitter/Picking Huckleberries/Generally Broken/Founder Of A Fortean Institute/Enormous Chagrin/Famous Long Ago/Never Really The End/Protean Relapse
2000   STUFF PARTY Stuff Party(CD Detector) (Azalia Snail, Samara Lubelski, Chris McDufie, PG Six and Kirsten McCord)